Arena Coffee Shop

This place will be super busy during the Winter Olympics! It over looks the Gangneung stadiums and is already heaving with people! It’s a nice coffee shop with big glass windows as also a nice outside area to sit in. They're open every day apart from Thursday and are open from 11am to 10pm. 

The coffee shop is located near the Olympic stadiums and it situated on top of a hill. You can’t miss it really. I think the closest stadium is the hockey arena.

Their outdoor area is kitted out with picnic benches and umbrellas. It's perfect for a nice day! 

They also have picnic benches under the trees, so it can seat a lot of people. I assume it will be super busy during the Olympics. It’d be a nice place to stop by between games. It'll be a bit cold to sit outside though, but it would be quite nice to sip a hot coffee while wrapped up head to to toe. 

They also have a balcony area where you can sit and look at the view. The view isn’t too great, but it looks over the traditional houses. Oh, they allow dogs in their garden part, too! That's why Monroe photo bombed my picture. 

Their coffee is good and they also serve coffee with mini cupcakes! 


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