Bubi Lip by UNPA

Check out this cool lip ‘scrub’! I saw this advertised on Facebook and it seems that most people who bought and reviewed it saw it on Facebook too (SNS they call it in Korea). I thought the video looked pretty cool and the foaming part was intriguing. 

I bought it in Olive Young (my go to store) for about 12,000W (£8), which is expensive for a lip scrub.

I like the packaging. Pink and simple. I don’t understand why some companies need so much of it though. For a tiny bottle, it had quite a big box, with plastic to keep it upright, it’s totally not needed. 

The product comes in a pump bottle, you need to apply it on your fingers first. I like the scrubs you get where you can apply it straight on the lips without touching it. It’s hard to judge how much you need with this pump bottle. I found a couple of pumps was adequate. 

How to use 
1. Pump the scrub into your finger and put it on your lips, like you would lip balm.
2. Wait until you see bubbles forming. 
3. Rub the bubbles into your lips. 
4. Wash off
5. Apply a lip balm of some sort.

It’s really cool! Once on, you feel a tingling sensation. Kinda like eating sherbet. Or when you get pins and needles in your feet. It’s not a bad feeling, but it does feel weird! After about 1 minute, the foaming appeared. If left on for the full 5 minutes, the bubbles subside. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to wait for the bubbles to go before I rub it in, or when the bubbles appear. I tried it two times, and tried both ways, and it works the same. 

The scrub isn’t really a scrub though. It doesn’t have micro beads or anything abrasive. I wouldn’t really call it a scrub either.
The product was okay. It took off the remaining lip tint I had on my lips, but I didn’t feel like it was exfoliated well.

My lips before I used the product. It’s getting cold here in Korea, so my lips dry and crack a lot. There’s not much I can do, apart from scrubbing and moisturizing. I guess it’s great for testing various products.

After the scrub. It worked, a little. My lips have a weird coloration, with dark spots. The next day, the dryness reappeared, so it didn’t really work the first time. 

To be honest, it’s not really worth the money paid for it. It’s not abrasive enough, and although it advertises as free of microbeads and other exfoliating things, it doesn’t cut it as a scrub. There are better scrubs out there for a fraction of the price. Also, it comes in a lot of packaging which isn’t needed for such a small bottle. It is pretty cool though with the bubbles. The next product from the company I want to try is Bubiface! 



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