Cafe Anmok Station 카페 안목역

I discovered a cute little coffee shop down by Anmok beach! It's been there a while, and I've walked past many times but never went in. I wish I did sooner, because it's the cutest little coffee shop ever! There's so many down by Anmok "Coffee Street" and I think this one is the best one out of them all.

It's not on the coffee street (beach front), but on the other side. There's a roundabout, and it's just down the road from there.

Their menu is all in Korean, but they do the usual coffees and drinks. Click on the photo above for a larger copy. Sorry it's not all that clear. I felt a bit embarrassed taking a photo of the menu.

They serve their drinks in cute cups and have a wide range of drinks from coffee to beer. The price varies, so drinks are between 4,000W to 6,000W.

They also sell Trdelník, a bread from the Czech Republic. Trdelník is a bread that has been wrapped around a stick and grilled. It's usually topped with walnuts and sugar. I ordered the mocha flavoured one but you can also get a plain version.

They give you little finger gloves, so you can peel it and eat it without getting your fingers messy.

I love this place and it's super cozy! They have cushions on the seats and the place is filled with wonderful nik naks.

Take a visit if you're down by Anmok beach! Instead of going to the bigger coffee shops, pop into this small family owned one. It's lovely and you won't be disappointed.



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