Careplus (케어플러스) Pimple Sticker

Pimple stickers! Would you wear these out in public? I thought these were weird when I first moved to Korea. People wear these all the time here. I’ve tried a few patches, some were great and others weren’t so. 

These are the 케어플러스 Careplus pimple stickers I grabbed from Olive Young. They were the cheapest at 4000won (£2.70). They had other brands like Nexcare and boH. I bought the smaller pack with 27 stickers. 15 small 10mm patches and 12 12mm patches.

These are the 15mm patches and they come on a clear blacking film. They also advertise it with ‘cutting’ film. The cutting film basically helps you take the patch off the film without touching the centre. I found it difficult to take the "cutting" film off, it's hard to rip, and can cause kinks in the patch. 

This is my face without makeup or patches. I have terrible skin right now, mostly due to the 4 huge mosquito bites! Ugh! I hate mosquitoes! 

Here’s my face with the patches on. You care barely see them! It’s amazing! Other patches like Nexcare is easily identifiable on the skin. But these blend in quite well. 

I’ve not tried it with makeup, so I’m not sure if foundation would blend well. I guess it wouldn’t due to the patch edge! 

After about an hour, the patches look like the picture above. 
The patches draw out the disgusting stuff, and you can actually see it working. They have a concentrated amount of product in the center of the patch and helps to dry out the spots. Have you heard of hydrocolloid patches for cuts? It's basically the same thing. 

I tried it on the four mosquito bites and also some pimples. The patches were okay, they worked and made some spots smaller, but others formed white heads. They're water proof, so you can shower with them on and leave them on. I don't recommend leaving it on for more than 24 hours, there's no warning about it, but it's just like band aids. Change them or they can get a bit yucky. 

They don’t completely get rid of spots but they do reduce them and brings them to a white head. 
The patches can be worn all day or even all night. I use them at night and put them on bigger spots during the day. They hide the spots pretty well, so my skin looks better with them on, even if you can see the patches. 

I would totally buy these again. I would also choose it over boH due to the price. boH is good, but you don’t get as many patches only 9 for double the price. Nexcare isn't too bad either, and I prefer the backing film on Nexcare than Careplus. But, the Careplus stickers are thinner than Nexcare, so are less noticeable. 

So yeah, check them out! 



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