Halloween in Korea

I'm a bit late posting about Halloween! It's never too late though right? Halloween is one of the best days. It's a day of creativity and fun. Sadly, Koreans don't really embrace the Halloween spirit. Stores do sell Halloween items but they're just the basic ones like witch hats and pumpkin candy holders. They also sell costumes like Spider Man, but they're super expensive and only for kids. I've not seen any halloween makeup in any stores apart from Seoul and online. I hope in the future that Halloween becomes popular and that kids get to enjoy things like getting dressed up, trick or treating and playing halloween games. 

Since I work in an English school, we celebrate Halloween, and encourage the kids to join in on the fun and teach them about Halloween. Only a handful of kids dressed up for halloween, they're not big into dressing up and get quite embarrassed. Some really hate face paint on their face but they love those tattoo stickers. 

This girl loved putting the tattoos under her eyes. I don't know why they prefer these as they are harder to come off than paint! 

This kid was the best I think! 

Some kids wore masks and wigs. None of the kids had any face paint. 

Other kids used the props we had in the school, so all kids who didn't have a costume got to wear a witches hat, or those halloween headbands you get. 

The teachers were the best at dressing up! One teacher dressed as a Smurf! 

Others went all out and made their costumes like this fidget spinner and squid costume. 

I went as a mosquito, but it looked more like a fly. 

It was a decent day, but the kids had to spend most of their time studying and taking group pictures. I'm hoping next year, they will get to have a day of games and play! 



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