Jeju Sparkling Water Deep Peeling Pads

So, I didn’t choose these myself. It’s a long story. Usually when I go into my local Olive Young, they leave me alone. This time, the girl saw me put away some things and decided to give me beauty tips. She advised on these deep peeling pads to help with my ‘trouble’ pimpled skin. 

The pads come in a large container! I’m unsire why it needs to be so big because the pads aren’t big at all. 

There are 60 pads and there are two wides, bumpy and smooth. These pads help to wipe away dead skin and sebum. It causes mild peeling, which I hope doesn’t dry out my skin too much!! It has deep pore cleaning ingredients such as lemon, pear, camellia, rape flower honey and sparking Jeju Water. 

  • Primary cleansing with the pad's embossed

  • Wipe away dead skin and sebum for smooth and glowing skin.
  • Mild daily peeling for an effective skincare and better makeup results.
  • Hypoallergenic ingredients melt away dead skin and sebum.
  •  side.
  • Secondary cleansing with the pad's smooth side.
  • For all skin t


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