Mediheal Airpacking Mint Wrap

I explained in a previous post that a worker in Olive Young tried to advise me on products to buy for my "troubled skin". This was one of the products she advised and said she uses it herself and it helps a lot with spots.

The mask itself is supposed to help brighten the skin and is a triple later mask which minimises the contact with air to stop serum evaporation and absorption. The cotton layer is soaked with serum which contains various extracts to help sooth the skin and make it healthier. Extracts listed are: Tiger herb, tea tree, sage leaf, apple mint leaf, peppermint leaf, lavender and rosemary. There is also Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate 70%. I have no idea what that is but it is supposed to help with the soothing. 

The colour of the mask is great! It's a shiny mint green. The mask comes in two halves, and is backed with a plastic mesh. David said it looks a bit like the shiny paint you get for cars!

1. Cleanse your face with your regular cleanser
2. Apply toner.
3. Peel off the mesh film from both halves. Wear the eye part first, starting with the eye area.
4. Put on the bottom part, starting from the mouth area.
5. Remove the mask after 10-20 minutes. (I left mine on for an hour).
6. Pat the remaining serum into your skin.

There's no smell to the mask which I'm disappointed with. It's advertised as being a mint wrap, and also has a number of ingredients which should make it smell minty. I couldn't smell anything before or when it was on. Boo. It also didn't tingle, which I was hoping it would as it had tea tree in it. It felt like it wouldn't work. Usually with products which help with spots, they tingle.

The mask is a good fit, although it doesn't reach the top of my forehead. There are slits in the mask to help it mold to your nose and eye area. It was great, and I found that it fit well between my eyes. Usually masks don't, and they leave a huge gap. I also used the silicon mask cover which I reviewed here. It helped to keep the mask on, and I could do things with the mask on, instead of sitting stationary.

I really liked the feeling of this mask, it felt good quality and thick. Also, it had a foil feeling to it, so it was easy to mold around my face. The only downside is that I couldn't smell it, or feel it working which makes me feel a bit sceptical.

Conclusion: I love it and I'm totally going to buy it again! I don't have a picture because the picture I do have is out of focus! Boo! The mask reduced the redness in my face and also helped calm the spots on the top of my forehead. I really liked this mask, because when I woke up the next day, it still felt smooth and there was no redness!



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