Nexcare Spot Stickers

Previously, I reviewed two brands which produce spot stickers Careplus and boH. Nexcare is another brand which are on the shelves of Olive Young in Korea. I bought a pack of 72 stickers for 6,000W (£4). I said in the Careplus post that they were the cheapest, however I think you get more stickers for your money with Nexcare.

Nexcare is the most popular spot sticker brand. Most stores like Olive Young and Daiso sell it and it's pretty affordable compared to the boH stickers. I think they're popular all over Asia actually.

The stickers come in three packets with a mix of 12mm patches and 8mm patches. You get 30 x 12mm and 48 x 8mm. They are also sandwiched between two pieces of plastic with it's own sealed pouch. The patches also have a red easy peel label on them. This is great because you don't want to be touching the centre of the patch or create kinks on the edge of them either.

The patch was easy to remove from the backing. So, I put the patch on my skin first before taking off the red label. If I took it off before, it would have been a bit hard not to touch the sticky part of the patch. If you don't have long nails, it will be a pain to remove. My nails snapped the other day, so found it hard to get my fingers under the label to peel it off.

What I did notice with the patches, was that when the label was pulled off, the sticker had a line where the label was. That means when on the skin, you can see it. It's just like a kink, if you create a kink on the edge, you can see it when on the skin. The stickers are also much thicker than the boH and Careplus ones.

This was my face before the patches (left). You can clearly see the blemishes and rubbish on my face. And on the right with the patches on. I like that you can barely see them.

The next morning, one of the patches fell off when I was sleeping (nose). The other patches soaked up the gunk and turned white. 

Gross, but here’s a close up of one of the patches. 

I like these patches. They are on par with the Careplus ones. Again, they turn certain spots into white heads. They're not bad, but won't get rid of spots.

I'd buy these again as they help bring under the skin spots to a white head and also helps to soak up the gunk that comes out of it. Some people have used these after popping their spots and purposely bursting them with a pin! I wouldn't recommend it, as these will most likely leave scars. 


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