Potato Mask

Potatoes! The best food in the world! Well not for some (David hates potatoes), but I love em! I saw these masks in Daiso for only 500won (0.35p). I just finished Halloween at my school, and had black face paint all over my face. I needed a mask to rejuvenate it. 

I like the packaging. It’s what made my choose it over the other masks they had. Daiso has a wide variety of masks and all for about 500-1000won. They had animal themed ones, cucumber, tomato, aloe...etc

Here’s me wearing the mask. It’s a thin cotton ask and it’s soaked in serum. There’s about 1tsp of serum left in the packet, but I never used it. Most people smear it on their face for maximum absorbsion. I wasn’t keen on the smell so I didn’t do it. 

The smell is awful! I mean it’s potatoes, but it was like a sweet smell and quite overpowering. Usually I can’t smell the masks when on, but I could with this one. 

Masks in Korea tend to fit my face well. It doesn’t go right to my hairline, but doesn’t really drape over my chin either. As with all masks, I have trouble with the part between my eyes. Due to my face shape, the mask doesn't cover that area and leaves huge bubbles. I always have problems with the bridge if the nose. There’s always a gap when I wear these masks - boo!

This mask was okay, I didn’t notice any effects apart from moisturising. It absorbed well and it didn't leave my face feeling tacky. 

Due to the smell, I wouldn't buy this one again. It smelled like off sweetened potatoes or something!



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