RiRe All Kill Black Peeling Pad

I received this free with my All Kill Blackhead Remover Stick which I reviewed here. It's supposed to help get rid of blackheads, but with one use, it would be hard to do a real analysis. 

The pad slips over your fingers, so it makes it easier to rub over your face. There are two sides to this mask, a black smooth side and a spotty side. 

1. On a dry face, rub the black side over your face. 
2. Rub the spotty side over your face and focus on the hard to reach areas and most troublesome areas. 

To be honest, I didn't like this pad. It's simple to use, but the black side flakes a lot and also got stuck to the inside of the packet. Also, it's a bit harsh. The spotty side really hurt my skin and made my forehead bleed. After using it, it didn't do anything apart from making my skin raw red. 
It might work if you use it regularly, but I won't be buying it, mostly because I don't know where to! I haven't seen it anywhere else apart from free with the remover stick. 


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