RiRe All Kill Blackhead Deep Cleanser

I got this tube free with the All Kill Blackhead Remover stick which I reviewed here. Usually when I get things free with things, I'm a bit skeptical. I don't know where else to buy it, I've not seen it sold anywhere apart from with the remover stick. 

This tube is 40 ml, and dispenses a thick liquid! I really like the colour of the cleanser. It almost has a sparkling tint to it. The thickness is nice, and it glides on the face easily with water. There's also a lot of foam produced. There's a slight charcoal smell to it but it isn't off putting. 

The cleanser removed ALL of my makeup! After cleansing, I used an oil based make up wipe and it cleaned the make up off well. I really like this cleanser and hope to find it in a store somewhere. 


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