Silicone Mask Cover

Ah I have found the holy grail of sheet masks!! So, I love sheet masks but I absolutely hate it when they slip off, or the chin comes undone. I was in Daiso the other day and saw a silicone mask cover. I saw it before but never really paid attention to it. For only 1500₩ (£1) it’s the best thing I have ever bought and has made sheet masking so much easier and comfier! 

The packaging is pretty weird and scary! It’s like a piece of skin and would make a funny Halloween mask. 

The mask is made out of silicone and has ear pieces to keep it on your face. It’s supposed to stop the essence from evaporating and also waterproof so you can shower with it on. 
It’s completely reusable, so just wash it after each use and you’re ready to go. 

This is the whitening cat mask I bought from Daiso, too for 1000₩ (0.70p). I like popping into Daiso and grabbing a mask after work. 

The mask has a cat design on it and looks nothing like the packaging. 

I kind of look like the lion from Wizard of Oz. This is a picture of my mask without the silicone cover. It’s the best fitting mask I have come across and reaches all the way to my hairline! The chin part was a bit loose, so if I kept it on sitting upright or doing the dishes, it would have fallen off. 

This is with the silicone cover on. It keeps the mask on and the chin part in place. I really like it and it’s so comfortable. I can do anything with it on without worrying about the mask slipping off. 

There’s no plastic smell to the mask either, so it’s great! The cover keeps the essence in the mask and after an hour (supposed to only leave the mask on for 20 mins), the mask was still soaking with essence. Usually, masks get a bit dry. 

If you can get your hands in this, get it! 

Happy sheet masking! 



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