Wood Bower Coffee Shop

Check out this coffee shop! Wood Bower. It’s the most unique coffee shop I’ve come across and they make their own furniture and decorations. It’s located in Gangneung Ponam Dong, and it's a little bit hard to find! It’s on the street just behind Bestco and the post office. 

It’s not hard to miss as their wall is painted in green!

The coffee shops is filled with niknaks and decorations. It has a bit of a music theme, so they have a whole wall full of old vinyls. There are various old posters around such as The Beatles and Woodstock. 

Their outside sitting area is amazing. There is a seating area which keeps you protected from the rain and they have kitted it out with cushions and blankets.

This is one of the seating areas. It’s pretty cozy and would be a nice place to visit on a cold winters day. It would be nice in all seasons too. 

The inside area is amazing. It’s so cozy and on a cold day, it would be perfect to relax here with the fire on. 

Their coffee is very good and they only have hand drip coffee. Usually I don’t like hand drip, mostly because it takes too long for them to make it. But, they were pretty fast and served my latte with sweet milk. You can opt for it to be normal too. 

They don’t have food on the menu but they did have this ciabatta at the till. It’s the best ciabatta I’ve had in Korea. It tasted normal! Usually, coffee shops like to change recipes and add honey or icing sugar to bread. 
This ciabatta was great and it was served with a vinegar and oil mix. 

The price is on the expensive side. It’s 5,000 won for every thing. Whether you get a hand drip americano or a hot chocolate it’s still 5,000won. 

It’s definitely a coffee shop that I frequently visit and I absolutely love the place. The owner is a pretty nice lady too! 

Check it out! 



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