Blogmas Day 1: Christmas Wish List

One the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me...Can you believe that it's only 24 days until Christmas? I sure can't. Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year, it's such a fun time and it's great to be able to light a fire, wear pyjamas all day and spending time with loved ones. I saw this post with 25 things to blog about on the days leading up to Christmas. I actually forgot who posted it, so I am very sorry for not linking you, or tagging you in this blog (If it's you, or you know who, please send me a message).
The first thing on the list is my Christmas wish list. There are a few things I really want, but obviously I know I won't get as they are super expensive. 

The first is a new camera lens. I really want the Tokina 11mm-16mm lens for wide angled photography. I want to be able to take some nice shots with this lens, and increase the quality of my photos. I still have a lot to learn photography wise, so this new lens would be perfect. £300

Next on that list is an iPad. Don't ask me why! I just want one. I've succumbed to Apple and now I'd love to be able to watch Grey's on my tablet in bed or blog easily on the bus. If I do get myself one of these, it may just lay dormant in my drawers. £250

Also on my list is beauty stuff! I want a new set of make up brushes (Real Techniques), and random Korean beauty products. I don't have my eye on anything just yet, but I do love walking into stores and picking out products that look interesting. One of my favourite things is opening a present with a whole load of random stuff in it. 

Finally, I know I can't have this at all, is to spend Christmas with my family. My family are all the way back in England at the moment, and I can't go back this year. My Gung Gung (Great Uncle) just died, and I really wish I could make it home, and give them all a huge hug. 

I'll be going up to Seoul tomorrow, to do my Christmas shopping with my fiancĂ© David. We'll either shop together to choose our gifts, or go our separate ways and attempt to shop on our own. We don't tend to shop alone as it's so easy to get lost in Seoul. I hate it!!!!! It's like walking around London and it proper creeps me out. 

That's my first Blogmas post! Another 24 days to go!

Happy Blogmas,



  1. Hey girl hey!! Good job on the first post, short and sweet.

    I have an iPad, won it a few years ago love it, especially with the Bluetooth keyboard I got for it. Only bad thing about the apple products is you don't have ports to transfer data on and off... But, whatever.

    Do you have any family where you live now, besides your man? Did you move away for school or something?

    :) Talk at cha later.

  2. Loved this post! I would love an iPad as well! It’s just super cool to have! I use my boyfriends all the time for Netflix and Hulu! Great post!


  3. It's hard being far from family but you are with the one you love which is so important too xx

  4. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, as soon as Halloween is out of the way the Christmas countdown is well a truly on for me. There is nothing better than fresh make up brushes for Christmas, I also I have my eye on a set I want to. As you say, the best thing about Christmas is spending time with your loved ones. I think that this is sometimes is forgotten and taken for granted. Sending my love to you, it's such a shame you can't be with your family at this tough time. I hope you can see them soon and good luck with your Christmas shopping. xo

  5. Glad to see someone else is hoping for a new lens this year! I really want the 50mm to get those typical "blogger" shots. Also, I would definitely recommend an iPad. I have the iPad Mini and its perfect for those days where you just want to chill in bed watching Netflix or YouTube. It is also super easy to read on, so great to use when catching up on all your favorite blogs!


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