Blogmas, Day 15: Christmas Shopping in Seoul

It's that time of year when you shop 'till you drop! I live in a small city, so shopping options are a bit limited. So, I decided to venture into the country's capital; Seoul. It's basically like London, but with brighter lights. I'm not really going to say much about what I bought, but I only stayed in one area, and that was Myeongdong and Namdaemun. Well two places, but they are literally right next to each other. It was the first time where I only went there to shop, and nothing else. Usually I do some kind of tourist attraction, or visit one of the cool themed cafes.

I stayed in a "hotel". Well, it was on and it was basically a room in someone's apartment. The person who owns it does homestays. It was OK, but it was well and truly awkward. I'll do a separate review later on. 

I stayed near the "comic street" in Myeongdong. I didn't even know it existed! I always thought the characters dotted around in Myeongdong were there for no reason. Little did I know, the comic street was just up a a small road. 

The comic street had various places where you can pay to have a drawing class. I saw these brushes and thought they were cute. 

Do you know Lava? I've never heard of it until I came to Korea. I thought these characters were really funny! Their faces were so cute! 

This is Sohoorangi, one of the characters from the Winter Olympics. Also, cute! 

Myeongdong is basically shopping central! There is a HUGE market which sell various goods from clothes to food. I love it! It's my favourite place to go when I visit Seoul. There are some department stores too and also a huge CGV movie theatre. 

There are SO MANY BEAUTY STORES! I honestly couldn't keep myself out of them. I bought so many things, and it's a wonder how I have anything left in my bank account now! 

Have you ever been to Seoul? Would you like to go? If you do, and need someone to show you around, let me know and I'll happily join you for a mooch around!

Happy Blogmas



  1. I’ve never been to Seoul but I have heard nothing but good things and would LOVE to go one day! Great post!

  2. Your pictures are fantastic, all the characters look so cute! I’d love to visit Seoul one day

  3. Looks lovely! I've never been but I would absolutely LOVE to go!

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle


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