Blogmas, Day 16 My favourite winter lip products!

The temperature has literally dropped into the minuses and I absolutely hate it. My lips absolutely hate it too! My favourite winter lip products are as follows.

This first product is by Nature Republic and it's a lip scrub made with some kind of butter (maybe Shea) and also has little pieces of walnut to help with the exfoliating. The scrub contains vitamin A for nutrition and moisture. Also, there's alpha carotene which helps with elasticity. I did a review of this product over here

The second product is this lip venom. I adore this product! It comes in a cute tube container, and is super small, so doesn't take up much space. It also feels great on your lips. It tingles when you put it on, moisturises and also plumps your lips! A review will come after blogmas. 

Another product I love is this Nature Republic lip tint. I LOVE the colour! Most tints I have used are too red, but this one is a maroon colour. It glides on easily and also has a subtle colour on your lips. The product also has moisturising properties, I love it!! 

I have no idea what happened to my eyebrow, but it didn't look like that before I took the photo. The lip colour is so nice, I like it because it's not too bright! 

My last favourite winter lip colour is this red tint that I bought from Etude House. For some reason, I don't have a picture, and I don't really want to share a photo of the almost finished tube as it has tint all over it, and looks quite messy. 

What are your favourite winter lip products? I adore these four things ^-^! 

Happy Blogmas



  1. I love the look of the Nature Republic lip tint, I definitely want to check it out now!

  2. I love Etude House lip tints! They always look incredible and stay on for hours! great post xoxo

  3. The Nature Republic Lip Scrub sounds fantastic! I’ve never heard of walnuts being used to exfoliate and that sounds very interesting! I’m gonna have to look into it! Great post!

  4. Ooo these Sound great! I need some new lip products! You look stunning too btw!

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle


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