Blogmas, Day 17 Christmas Party

It’s that time of the year when work places start having their Christmas dos! It’s a great time to hang out with work colleagues and have some fun. On a different note, if you’re one of those people who like to bully others in the work place, turning everyone against someone, then shame on you! Not inviting someone to a work Christmas do is atrocious, my sister has been subject to bullying at her workplace and no one has told her about the Christmas party. 

Anyways, I had my Christmas party the other night and it was so much fun! Parties in Korea are generally the same as back home. We ate food, and played some games. There were cash prizes if your team won. My team won twice, out of three games! Hurrah! I won 20,000W (£16). 

My secret Santa got me the best gift, too!! 91 sheet masks!!! There were no repeats either and I got brands such as Mediheal, Leaders, It’s Skin and many more! 

Check them out! My blog will be busy in the new year reviewing them all! 

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas Work party! Share your stories with me :)! 



  1. Wow Kelly! 💕 What an awesome Secret Santa gift! I’ll look forward to reading your reviews on them. Congrats on winning £16 too! Sounds like you had a great night out! xx

    Bexa |

  2. We’re having our party this week! It should be fun! Work bullying is awful! There’s this girl nobody at my job wanted to invite but I invited her myself.

  3. Bullying is horrible. I'm sorry your sister has to go through that. Glad you had fun though at your christmas party!

  4. That's horrible that, that happened to your sister! Parties are meant to be for everyone, I really don't get people sometimes. Sounds like you had a great time though, congrats on winning all that money ;)
    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle


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