Blogmas, Day 20 An early Christmas Present

After today, it’s only 5 more days until Christmas! I’ve been enjoying Blogmassing this year, it’s kind of like an advent calendar, but with blogging. Although, I have been a bit bored sometimes with Blogmas, but I guess that would happen if you are posting everyday! 

So, a few days ago, my fiancé David let me open a Christmas gift early. He told me I was only allowed to because I was in a grumpy mood, and it was delivered to work that day. 

He gave me this cute sweater and some socks from Tesco’s F&F clothing line. We have a Homeplus in Korea which used to belong to the Tesco group, and they also sell F&F clothing. However, they didn’t have these products so, he ordered them via online delivery and got his sister to send it over to him. 

I have a dachshund, so this was the perfect gift! The slogan is pretty cute too, and I’ve made a little song to go with it. 

‘Dachshund through the snow, on four tiny legs, everything we eat, Monroe always begs’ 

Are you allowed to open any of your gifts early?! Usually I open one on Christmas Eve, but this was a special occasion to stop me from being grumpy! 

Happy Blogmas! The countdown is ON! 



  1. The sweater and socks are so cute!!! Too bad we don't have a Tesco down here in Australia... My boyfriend let me open one of my gifts a couple days back :)

  2. you look so cute and happy with your socks and sweater, what a cute gift! only a few more days of blogmas!

  3. I love that sweater! Totally understandable that you get bored with it sometimes. I however really enjoyed reading your posts! Awesome job!

  4. There is NO opening gifts early in my family! I love your sweater tho! It’s so cute! I’m very curious as to what my boyfriend will do for Christmas because I realize I’ve given him NOTHING to go on! No hints, no wishlists, nothing! Lol great post!

  5. Oh how sweet! I love that you opened a present early, my family don’t do that so I have to wait!

  6. Oh wow those might just be some of the cutest socks I've ever seen!

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  7. Love your jumper and socks I'll have to show you mu collection of dacshund stuff my kids laugh at me ����


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