Blogmas, Day 22 Christmas Cards

These days, I don’t get many Christmas cards. Card giving isn’t very popular in Korea. They sell cards, but most people don’t give them to each other as freely as we do in the UK. 

This year, I received three Christmas cards, that’s 2 more than last year! From the left, my mother’s card, my friend Rebecca and Bexa (@hellobexa). 

This is the cute card handmade from Bexa. You can check out her blog over at!
I’m really bad for sending things on time though! So, my return card for Bexa will be late, but I will send a wee present over too, to make up for it. 



  1. I love the star wars one and bexa has made you such a lovely one too. I bet it's hard getting one from your mum this time of year being so far away i bet she is so proud of you ��

  2. I love the Star Wars card, funny cards are my favourite!

  3. Aw this is so cute! Lovely cards

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  4. My good friend gave me a handmade christmas card yesterday and it' s really one of the best gifts to recieve <3

  5. That Star Wars card is awesome! I received more cards this year than usual. I received about six or seven, but almost all of them were from work. Great post!

  6. Sending Christmas cards is a really nice tradition. I haven't done it in many years but maybe next year :)...

  7. Such a cute post! That Christmas tree card is adorable!

  8. These cards are so cool! Giving Christmas cards to each other is a really great tradition. I wish we had it here.
    Nice post, Kelly!


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