Blogmas, Day 23: 2017 Reflections

That's it! It's the end of another year. Another year which has passed by faster than the speed of light. What have people done with themselves this year? For me, I've done a lot of great things and it has been a pretty good year. So, here are the highlights.
The top highlight this year was being proposed to! It was totally unexpected, as he would always joke and make fun of me whenever I dropped hints. "Only when you start getting up early, and helping around the apartment". It was a cooooold January morning, David and I were walking our dog, Monroe. I jokingly said that if I got married to him, My name would be KKC, the phonics would be ㅋㅋㅋ in Korean. It means hahaha or lol. Then he proposed. He was carrying the ring in his pocket until the right time, and was going to do it in my favourite restaurant. I’m glad he didn’t. 
My Chicken Pot Pie, Monroe had his first full year with me. He grew a lot in the first year, and he celebrated by eating a delicious dinner. 

In April, I finally got to go to Hong Kong, and meet some of my family who I have not seen in years. This was a huge highlight because my roots are from there. Most of my family have been, but I've never. It was a fun experience and I got to eat so much Chinese food. 

I passed my driving test in December 2016, so in May, I decided to go on a road trip. It was my first road trip and also my first time driving such a long way. There were many stops, and I got to see so many things and new cities. 

This isn't really a highlight, but I got some couple shots taken at a photography studio. They weren't great to be honest, but I love this one photo.  

I hiked a lot! Well, not a lot, but I did reach the peak of a mountain, and hiked a few others too! I actually felt super fit and was really happy with the way my body looked. 

There was a Dano Parade in my city, so I had the opportunity to wear a Hanbok, a Korean traditional dress. 

This was me at the end of a super long 8.5 hour hike! The hike was just under 20km and it was hard. The other highlight was visiting Jeju Island (The Hawaii of Korea). It was a really nice place and I got to eat horse meat! 

I turned 27. 

I visited Manila, Philippines. Most people say it's not worth going, but I really enjoyed it. Although, I did get sick on my last day, then ended up getting urticaria (hives) for a few weeks. Still not sure what caused it, but I have a feeling it was the ice tea I drank on my last night. 

My first ever gel nails! Yes, this is a highlight of mine. I've always wanted nice nails and to have a manicure. Finally, I decided to do it, and it turned out pretty nice. 

Just a bit of fun, I got my name on the October leader board for a sniper bb game. 1040 points baby! 

I woke up super early for my first ever sunrise! It was beautiful! I’ve never seen the sun like that before. 

The Christmas party, where I got 91 sheet masks from my secret Santa! 

I learned how to knit! And now in the process of making a sweater. This is a big highlight, because I never got frustrated, and learned in my own time. 

Lastly, a huge highlight of the year is the blogging community! I’ve met some gorgeous people and they are great! Check out these supportive people! 




I honestly can’t thank these people enough, for their support and religiously reading my posts and commenting on them! You guys rock my socks!! 

So yeah, my highlights, I’ve had a GREAT year! 

How was your year? 



  1. Ohh I really enjoyed reading this. 😍 your ring is absolutely gorgeous and you make such a cute couple. I wish you so much happiness together! Thank you for mentioning me in your post. It means so much! 😊 I’ve been really enjoying to read your daily blogpost lately. 🙌🏻 awesome work!

  2. What a beautiful post and your engagement ring is absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for the mention, it’s really sweet of you!

  3. Congratulations on such an amazing year! I want to be able to wake up early to see the sunrise with the right person but that's a long time away haha! I was also hoping to pass my driving and be going out and about but I guess it's not the right time yet. I hope you have a great Christmas and a happy new year!

  4. Aww thank you for the shoutout and CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!!! The ring is SO PRETTY!

  5. You have had such a great year! What a cute couple you two are and wow what a ring! I hope you continue having amazing time next year too. I'm also super glad we met through the blogging world :).

  6. Your year has been amazing your ring is so stunning I've loved learning about your life in Korea it's so interesting hearing about different things ans it has been lovely getting to know you all our little bloggers all so different in style but so supportive to each other ��

  7. What a great post, your engagement ring is beautiful! Congratulations x

  8. Your year was really amazing! So many cool and happy moments. I wish you to have an amazing 2018 as well!



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