Blogmas, Day 8: The best advent calendar

I’ve always had an advent calendar growing up, but stopped getting them when I was about 18. Usually, I would buy them from Poundland, then eat all of the chocolate in one sitting. I never got one of those cool beauty calendars or gift calendars. Despite not ever having an advent calendar that wasn't chocolate, my all time favourite one is The Whiskey Advent Calendar by the Masters of Malt.

I actually bought this for my fiancé as he loves whisky and still think this is the best kind of advent calendar around. It makes a great gift! 
The price isn't so bad either at £124.96 for 24 3cl wax sealed drams of whisky. You can choose to read their whisky list, or wait and open the door each month.  

I bought this but, due to being in Korea and forgetting about not being able to import alcohol, I had to get it redelivered to my UK address. Bummer! 

The Master of Malt have other similar calendars, too. Such as a Japanese Whisky one and Gin, for you Gin lovers out there. 

What's your favourite calendar? I total want to buy them all!!

Happy Blogmas,



  1. I’m 19 but still love my advent calender! This year I have the ASOS Beauty Calender and I absolutely adore it

    1. Oh, Asos do one!? That's cool, what sort of things do they put in it?

  2. Chocolate is a woman’s weakness! I completely understand! The one you got your fiancé sounds really cool tho! Great read:)

    1. Yep! Definitely my weakness! The chocolates in a calendar are too small, so I have to open all the windows you know!? Maybe I should get a chocolate calendar for each day ^^

  3. I wish I had a beauty calender but I usually have a lottery calender and I win like 5 euros every year :D. This year I don't have a calender at all.


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