Jeju Sparkling Water Deep Peeling Pad

This Jeju Sparkling Water Deep Peeling Pad (Wow that was long), was advised to me by the staff of Olive Young. I went in there to purchase a few things, and this lady decided to help me out and choose products which helps with spots and dry skin. Her advice was to use these to wipe up extra make up off my face. It was 12,800W(£8.80) for 60 pads.

The pads are round, and they come in a huge plastic tub. Each pad has a bumpy side and also a smooth side. They're similar to Clearasil pads, but without the smell. There are "deep pore" peeling ingredients, sourced from the island of Jeju, such as: Lemon, prickly pear, camellia, sparkling hot spring water and rape flower honey).
The benefits of these pads are:

1) It wipes (melts) away the dead skin and sebum for smooth and glowing skin.
2) There's mild daily peeling of your face.

How to use

1) Wash your face with your normal cleansers.
2) Gently wipe your face with the bumpy side, avoiding the eyes and mouth. (Don't go near the eyes, it stings like hell!)
3) Wipe your face again but using the smooth side.

Day 1: Blemishes everywhere! Actually, those two big ones on the left are mosquito bites.

End of week 3: I'm not sure if it did anything for my spots! 

Overall, I really liked these deep cleansing pads! I like the feeling on my face after I've used them, but it does have a strong smell, and it can sting if you have any open wounds! I had a problem with dry skin half way through using these. I used it morning and night, and I think it caused my skin to dry up an peel. 

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  1. It’s such a shame that they made your skin so dry, it seems like the pads are a really handy idea!

    Suffering Wanderlust

  2. I get blemishes a lot and the best thing I have used is a Dermalogica clay cleansing wash. I also use a retinol cream a few times a week as it helps get rid of dead skin cells xxxx

  3. I have really oily eye pads, these might actually be better for my skin. Really like the sound of it! 😊

  4. It's a shame that these pads caused your skin to dry up because this could be a really cool thing! Great post, Kelly xx

  5. I've used cleansing pads before (though not these kind). They always do kind of sting your face a bit. Personally, I prefer to use facial toners on my face after cleansing because they are more soothing and seem to work better for me.

  6. Cleansing pads have dried me out like the desert before, so I steer clear from them and makeup pads. But I love jeju water/ jeju related products!

  7. I haven't use cleansing pads in a looong time and these are probably a lot better than the ones I tried. I could buy these just because the jar looks so fresh!

  8. Never used cleaning pads before so it was interesting to read your post. How unfortunate it had a smell and make your skin dry.

  9. I've never used cleansing pads before and they sound a little like toner on a pad! I don't use toners because I find they dry up my skin and causes me to have more blemishes.. I try to steer away from alcohol-based products! Mainly because my skin is sensitive and they normally have a strong smell :)


  10. I've never used cleansing pads before but they sound interesting. For me a lot of the normal cleansing waters make my skin really dry which is generally why I stay away from them. Interesting that these pads dried your skin out too!

    EscapesAndEpiphanies | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  11. Damn that was a long name! Glad that you tried something new, sometimes that's the only way to tell if it's going to work for you or not. Bummer it wasn't what you hoped for. Thanks for warning us about the eyes burning, do you know this from personal experience? LOL Is rape flower a real thing?

  12. It seems like a good product except for the dryness

  13. It seems like a promising product aside from the dryness. That’s a shame. And that name was pretty long. I kinda wanna try to say it five times fast!

  14. Peeling pads and acids are such a love/hate thing for me. They're wonderful for clogged pores, but like you, I tend to get dry skin if I use them too frequently. I've found that long-term use is key, and prefer using one every 10 days or two weeks but stick to that. They do help in the long run! :)

  15. I have never found a peeling pad I've really wanted to stick with tried most of the high street brand ones and they all seem to be pretty much the same. Are you still using them?


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