Tony Moly Mask Waterproof Gel Liner

I'm so excited to share this gel eyeliner with you. I've recently started getting into eye makeup, so was looking for an eyeliner which was waterproof, smudge-proof and easy to apply. Luckily, while out shopping, Tony Moly had a sale throughout their whole store. I came across this gel liner and chose it due to the design. I read a blog written by Kkochsongi (Check her out, I love her blogs!) about a cushion gel liner which didn't work so well, I avoided that product but went for the sister product, the Mask Waterproof Gel Liner. 

As you can see, it's the same design as the Tony Moly cushion liner. The ink style bottle is super cute, and it'll make my makeup station a little bit cuter. I was a little bit sceptical, due to the review on the cushion version, however it was on sale, 6,000W (£4) down from 10,000won (£7). This product comes in two colours, black or brown and I chose the black version. 

It's honestly the cutest design, and I love anything that resembles a quill and ink bottle (Huge Harry Potter fan!) The product also came with a "gift", an extra brush. I don't think it's needed, but I could use it with other products, too. 

The top half of the bottle, with the quill brush comes off and reveals a small pot with the gel liner. There's a little triangle shelf which is there for you to scrape extra gel off your brush, so it doesn't get too clumpy. 

Here's the swatch of the gel liner. It has a nice black colour and isn't too patchy like other gel liners I have used. I was pretty impressed with how much came off the brush from one tiny swipe!

It's a waterproof liner, so I gave it a little test under the water. I rinsed it under the tap and lightly ran my fingers over. Surprisingly, the gel stayed on and didn't smudge, is this even real? I now wonder how I'd get it off my face! 

Excuse my really out of shaped head and weird eyebrows. It looks like that I've drawn them on, I have eye brows really. I absolutely love this gel liner. I have monolids (eyes without that crease all you awesome people have!! Jealous!). So, putting on eye make up is a lot harder. Usually I find it hard putting eye shadow on, or liners without making my eyes look smaller than they already are. If you have tips on monolid eyes, please tell me! 
This liner went on a treat! It went on so smoothly, and I swiped the gel twice to get full coverage. It also gave the illusion of bigger eyes. The only problem (not the product's fault) is that I have to apply a lot for it to be seen, and it looks weird when I blink. 

The photo on the left was taken at the start of the day, and the photo on the right after work (8 hours!)
The liner stayed the whole time, no smudges, nothing! I touch my face and eyes a lot when I'm teaching as well. I adore this product, as I don't have to constantly worry about having panda eyes. 

What do you think? I'm going to go back and purchase more if the sale is still going on! Are all gel liners like this? If yes, why has it taken me this long to try it out? Out the window goes the liquid and pencils!

Happy blogging!



  1. I absolutely love the design of the bottle, it’s so cute!

    Suffering Wanderlust

  2. Love the packaging of the bottle and how the gel liner has given your eyes a more defined look. Totally love it.

  3. That's the cutest bottle ever! I want that too if it stays that well all day, wow. I use eyeliner seldom but I love putting it on when I have time for it, like weekends.

  4. I’ve never tried gel! Maybe I should :)

  5. That is AWESOME! I need it! I've never used gel but this looks like a keeper!

  6. This liner looks awesome! I'm not really into gel eyeliners but this one is so cool! And design is really cute (another Harry Potter fan here!)
    You look great, Kelly!

  7. Wow looks like a great product! I adore the design, but I also love the product on you! You’re quite talented at making wings too! Mine NEVER match. 🙈

  8. I'm living for all these beauty reviews lately! I love Tony Moly!

  9. The bottle really is cool. I prefer gel liners too

  10. Ooo what a cute design! I usually prefer gel to liquid as I feel it's easier to apply. Looks like it has great stay power too!
    EscapesAndEpiphanies | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  11. I had the old (?) version of this liner, but the new packaging looks so gorgeous!
    These really stay in place forever and ever, and my wonky eyelids appreciate it. Gel liners in general work so much better than most pens. (Also, your eyeliner is on point! Love the depth it gives! I need to get more courageous with eyeliner, too, haha...)

  12. What in the world?! It has a quill!? I want it!! I've been looking for a liquid eyeliner. To be honest, I don't know what the difference is between a gel and liquid eyeliner haha. You look great!!



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