MiSkin Aloe Soothing Marine Eye Patch

My eyes need some TLC! I noticed that although I sheet mask a lot, my eyes get missed out. I don't use eye cream (I ought to, I'm getting wrinkles!), so thought this would be a great substitute as I love masking. This is the MiSkin Aloe Soothing Marine Eye Patch (30 sets). I can't find much information online, but was told that it was a great eye patch and a best seller (of course they would say that!). I bought it in a beauty store in Myeong Dong, Seoul for 10,000W (£7) on sale, but retails for 30,000W on their website! 

I look like a nutter!! I was trying not to smile as they would slip down! 

The eye patches are bright green and they have a gel like feeling to it. Each patch has tiny specs of gold flakes, which makes it look really cool! It's extremely slimy! The patches come in a round plastic tub, with a cover and also a little spatula to help you get them out. There's a slight sweet smell from the product and it is absolutely loaded with essence. The essence contains aloe vera and something marine (not sure what!!). It helps with soothing and also reduces dark circles and bags under your eyes. There's so much essence that it got all over my hands and dripped all down my face. 


It's super slimy, so when it's applied under your eyes, they slip down, and throughout the process, they end up half way down your face. You have to keep pushing them back up or lie down when using. It's not practical for me, as I like to do things when I mask. The good thing is that it's super moisturising, and it made all the dry skin around my eyes soft. It's not done anything for my wrinkles, but I doubt anything will help that with just a few rounds of using. There are also 30 sets, which is quite a lot, and you can use them daily if you wish. I only use them when I feel that my face is a bit dry and when my eyes need a bit of TLC. 

Take a look at their website here, it's all in Korean though!! 



  1. These look really good. I would love to try them but I imagine international shipping would be crazy expensive.

  2. It’s great that you get so many of them! So far the only ones I’ve found in the U.K. come in a single pair pack and they’re really expensive :(

    Suffering Wanderlust

  3. They look so intriguing. Caring for that part of my eyes specifically has never even crossed my mind. It would probably bug me that’s they slide around, keeping me from moving. I like to be productive when I’m doing my masks also! Overall it does sound like a pretty good product for dryness!

  4. I love eye patches but never had an entire tub of them - I'd love to use some more often because there are definitely some wrinkles coming on haha!
    Too bad that these are so slippery since I love to put on masks and the like while drawing or writing. Also, the green color would probably scare my cat lol

  5. Too bad they weren't that practical. Never uses eye patches before, but truth be told these don't sound that good to me. For me it's important that they stick on my face because I am véry bad as staying still, haha. They also sound quite messy, with the dripping over your hands and stuff. Really too bad. Have you ever encountered any good ones?

  6. I've noticed that eye patches have become a huge thing! Maybe it's just because I'm young but I haven't noticed any benefits from those kinds of products. I think they just add a bit of hydration boost and form a part of a treat-yo-self Spa Night kind of evening!



  7. Oh Kelly, that photo cracked me up. You look super cute with the mask on especially that its green, such a pity they keep sliding down. Not practical at all. Glad they did work though.

  8. I would think maybe using them daily for a month is what they are meant for to improve wrinkles and such. Ive totally been neglecting my skin this past while gonna start sheet masking more and try to get it back to looking human like.


  9. I love eye patches (well, I love everything skincare related tbh) but never heard of these before. They seem really cool, it's a pity that they slip down though. Great review!

  10. I love using eye patches. I usually use them once a week. That's disappointing that these ones are slimy and slide down your face though. Luckily, I don't have that problem with the ones I use.

  11. I get really dry skin especially in winter! It also gets really tight and sore it's a shame the UK don't stock these sort of treatments etc! Silly really as they would make a fortune!


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