Piggy Nose (3 Step Pore Pack)

Who loves pore strips? I sure do, and my nose sure loves them too. Lately, I've been getting so many blackheads, it's unreal. I'm not sure why, the only thing I have changed is my use of salicylic acids and also sheet masking. Apparently the acid is supposed to keep my pores unclogged, but I'm pretty sure they're clogging up more. 

Anyways, I always like to try different brands of pore strips and my recent one is this Piggy Nose brand. It's a three step product and each box contains three packs. The brand design is really cute, I like how the piggy character pulls out the blackhead in each picture. I bought this in Olive Young for 6,000Won (£3.80). 


I love these pore strips! I don't have any after pictures, as I couldn't get a decent one. However, these pulled a load from my nose. The only downside to this product is that the strip sticks on too close to the eyes. So, when I peeled it off, it stung and made my eyes water. 
Overall, I will be purchasing these again as they have pulled so much out of my nose and was quite satisfying to see. 



  1. I used to love pore strips and used them quite often but have stopped in recent years. So glad that these worked for you, Kelly.

  2. I absolutely love using pore strips, I’m so glad you’ve found ones that worked well for you!

    Suffering Wanderlust

  3. I love poor strips! I find them so satisfying to do! I never really grab them though but defiently think I should! That piggy is so cute! You always seem to find the most unusual packaging and I love it!

  4. I used a different piggy nose-esque product before, I think pore strips are interesting but they didnt do anything for me. Glad to hear you love yours <3

  5. It looks like a great product! I’ve never used pore strips before, but I may need to make a change!

  6. I loved pore strips but found that my skin gets easily irritated by them. I'll probably use them in summer though when there's just no getting around clogged pores :'D

  7. I have just recently found pore strips but I love them! I feel like using them every day but really once or two times a week is ok enough :)

  8. I love the satisfaction of peeling these off my nose and seeing how well it unclogged my pores! I actually used a jeju clay peeling nose mask last night! Need to get some of these!

  9. I would love to try these pore strips! Btw, how do you use them? I tried many different brands and, to be honest, they didn't do much for me (


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