Skin Food Propolis and Bee Venom Sheet Mask

Bee products have been popular for years! I remember the time when it was so popular, people started selling Forever Living products which contained bee propolis and pollen. This face mask is supposed to enhance your skin to make it healthy looking.  Bee propolis is supposed to calm down your skin and has anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The venom helps to firm and tighten the skin, promoting regeneration of skin cells.

As with all the Skin Food masks I have reviewed, the fit is okay, it doesn't reach my hairline and there are also gaps between my eyes. There's a lot of essence on the mask and about 1tsp left in the packet. It felt pretty soaked, so it stayed on my face better. I didn't need to use the mask cover either.
There was a very light floral smell to it, which I couldn't smell when wearing.

I kept the mask on for about 40 minutes, as it was beginning to dry. My heating was on super high, so I guess that caused the sheet to dry faster. So, after removing and patting into my face, it felt smoother and also firmer. You know when you put on one of those clay face masks and the feeling when it drys? It felt like that. I guess the "botox" feeling. It also made my skin brighter, as you can see in the picture. I didn't edit it at all, and used my usual living room lighting.

My face did feel a bit tacky after, but it disappeared about 30 minutes later. I really enjoyed this mask, it worked great! So far, it's my favourite out of all the Skin Food masks I have tried. I also think my face is clearing up! There are less spots appearing, and only the scars left from my picking habits. Ah....Hopefully I will have flawless skin soon!!!!

Happy Masking



  1. Wow I’d never heard of products using bee venom before...that’s really cool! The mask looks like it really made a difference to your skin, I’d love to try it.

    Suffering Wanderlust

  2. I don't think I have ever heard of this before - like many things that they sell there. Maybe they come here later. But this seems like something worth to try!

  3. I always sit as close to the heater as possible and the dry air is so aggressive to my skin and sheet masks! :D Sadly, my skin doesn't like propolis at all. I tried a variety of bee venom/propolis products a few years ago when they started pouring in. Glad it worked for you, I could use some botox effect!

  4. Your skin is looking great! I love face masks, I usually used Aloe ones because they are great with redness!

  5. I've heard about this mask several times but never actually tried it. So glad you made a review on it! Good luck on your skin clearing journey! And hopefully I'll have perfect skin one day too)

  6. I haven't tried any products with bee venom before, looks like it is doing a great job to your skin! I also have some scarring from my acne and would loooooooove some solutions to make it go away!

  7. Firstly I've always known about bees and their healing properties but never heard of products using their venom before so this was interesting to read...secondly I can't believe it took 40 minutes for the mask to dry. I wish I had that much time to relax and do a mask..most of the ones that I have used only takes about 10 minutes to dry and wash off. Glad to see that your face is looking great.

  8. Bee venom.... this may seem weird but the first thing that crosses my mind is how exactly was this discovered? Lol it sounds super interesting tho! That's a long time to dry tho. I'm so impatient it might have driven me crazy! This was a neat read!

  9. I keep hearing great things about Korean skin care masks! Makes me super curious. :)


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