Vietnam Day 2 | My Son and Eating Durian

My first day in HoiAn completely made me fall in love with Vietnam. I know the whole of Vietnam isn’t like this but I haven’t felt like this in any other country before. Actually I have, I love The Netherlands, but Vietnam completely trumps that trip!

Breakfast was amazing, I ended up with a western breakfast which was a baguette and bacon! The bread was so soft!

My second day was a bit more packed, David and I didn’t rent bikes this time. The hotel was great and offered a private car to take us to a UNESCO site called My Son. My son is an old Hindu temple which was bombed during a war. There’s more details online about it. It’s the ‘Ankor Watt’ of Vietnam. 

The private car costed a total of $36 return. The driver waits at the entrance for you, too. It was a bargain. We would have had to take a taxi which would have cost about the same, but no guarantee that you would get a taxi easily on the way back. The private car driver was mental and kept beeping his horn the whole way there. He was definitely impatient haha. 

From the hotel, My Son was an hour away. I fell asleep the whole way, I was shattered and I haven’t been a passenger in a car for that long, in a long long time! 

The weather stayed dry, there were clouds over head but it was pretty warm. I didn’t pack well, so I had to buy some baggy pants the day before at a market. Aren’t they pretty? They’re watermelons pants!

My son was about a two hour walk around. It’s at the top of a huge mountain thing, or forest, rainforest maybe? Jungle? Anyways, there was a lot of green. Luckily, they had shuttle carts to take you up to the start. 

It was so pretty. The ruins were all made of brick and no cement. The Hindu’s prayed for the temple to hold, and they used no cement to build it. Nowadays, you can see the new bricks as there’s cement there to keep the ruins together. 

After My Son, we ventured back to HoiAn and I fell asleep again. I could sleep for the world. We had a spot of lunch at the hotel because the hotel food was really good. All of it was homemade and it was the same quality as a cafe or restaurant in the center of HoiAn. 
I have no idea what I ordered but it was some noodle dish with a tonne of veggies and meat.

The thing I loved about HoiAn was that everything was so...easy going. We had so much time to explore and do nothing basically. Most of the Day was spent in HoiAn, around the stalls and markets. 

HoiAn has a nifty market where you can buy so many cool souvenirs. You have to haggle haggle haggle!!! I suck at haggling but all you do is walk away and they offer a new price. 
Some start their prices so high, but even at the high price, it’s only like $3.

That evening I attempted to eat durian. So my Aunt and cousins all lived in a Durian country. If you don’t know what durian is, it is the stinkiest, most smelliest fruit in the whole world. It reeks of fart! And it has the texture of mushed up mango and banana. 
Honestly, the taste isn’t bad but then the smell absolutely hits you. It was worth the try though.

I’m not a fan of my vlog as I used my Go Pro. I don’t really like the way I filmed things. I can’t do much about it, but check it out anyways :)! 

That’s it for day 2, check back for the rest of my days :)! 



  1. I know what you mean about the horn-beeping! Was it busy with people travelling? I know my drivers in VN did that just so all the travellers around knew there was a car nearby and could get out of the way, haha!
    Also, I love durian, personally, even the smell! It's the Marmite of nature, I'm sure - you either adore the taste and smell or don't like it at all!

  2. I really liked your pants... lol... like... really. I’d wear those pants. And alllll of the food you got looked delicious! Vietnam sounds like an amazing place to visit, even tho I’m not crazy about long distance walking.

  3. I don't usually opt for places with not much to do because I think I will be bored. But increasingly I find that I like a more relaxed pace while visiting new cities and Hoi An sounds perfect for that.

  4. It sounds like a wonderful place to visit. The picture of My Son is so gorgeous

  5. That sounds like an amazing place to visit. Can't wait to read more about your journey!

  6. I watched a Japanese tv show once where they had those necklaces you took a photo of! Like exactly the same necklaces!! This couple in the show wrote their names on a grain of rice and put it in the necklace. Also, I want to try Durian but am terrified of the smell.

  7. Sounds like another amazing day in Vietnam, love the food you ate, the pork baguette is quite the traditional breakfast and My Son looks like such a lovely place to visit. Loving your pants too.

  8. I love how the temple fragments peek out of the green surroundings! So beautiful and atmospheric!
    Also, I tried to eat Durian in Thailand. Like, how bad could it be, I thought... but now I'd rather eat your cute watermelon pants than Durian again :')

  9. I tried durian when I was and Thailand and, holy smokes, the smell was atrocious! Love your photos and your pants are cool!

  10. It sounds like you are having the best time. The durian fruit sounds awful. The pictures are amazing too.

  11. Is it weird that I really want to try the stinky fruit?! Sounds like you have had an amazing time!

  12. I was telling my boyfriend and his mum about this temple today! I love how they prayed to keep it together, I think it so lovely!! And that noodle dish looked delish! ������

  13. This looks like such a cool place to travel to!!

  14. It seems like such an awesome place to visit!! I wish I could just reach through and have a taste of the last dish pictured. P.s I’d probably be the same way concerning sleep. As fun a shot traveling in a new place is, it can exauhst you!

  15. I’m so craving that breakfast right now, and your lunch - the food looks incredible in general! I’m also in love with those watermelon pants - so cute!


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