Cafe Laumer, Gangneung 카페 라우머, 강릉

Cafe Laumer 라우머 is located in Gangneung, right by the Olympic Park. Although the olympics are now over, so it's no longer the olympic park. Cafe Laumer has been open for a few months now, and it is owned by one of my student's parents. I'm a really big fan of this place so I thought I would show you what a typical cafe lunch would look like in Korea. 

Their Facebook is here, and you can find them at this address:

 305-8 Ponam-dong, Gangneung, Gangwon-do

As with most restaurants, cafes and things, you always get little dishes with kimchi and pickles. In this selection, there are those tiny pickled chilli peppers, which were super spicy. David almost choked eating one. The yellow is sweet pickled radish, popular with fried foods and also a tiny bit of kimchi. 

This is the Donkasu. Pork cutlet that has been breaded and fried. It was served with the sauce on the side, which is how I love it. I hate when the sauce it poured on top, because it gets too soggy. They also served this with a side of whole grain rice (which I hate, whole grain rice is icky!!). Pickles and also a small teaspoon of beans. 

Tomato spaghetti. Not a bad dish, it's something I regularly order else where. There was a lot of sauce and it tasted fine. 

Cream soup of some kind. I'm not sure what this was, but it came free with the two meals ordered. Maybe it's pumpkin soup. It was fine whatever it was. 

Cafe Laumer is a great little coffee shop. Their interior is very spacious, with big windows, so it's not too dark. It's a great place to study too, as they have huge tables. If you are ever in the area, definitely check them out and have a coffee. Their prices are decent, around 4-5,000won for coffee and around 7,000 for lunch.

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  1. This looks like a good place, especially for students and I think it is a great recommendation from you.

  2. Seems like a great place! I would visit if it was a little bit closer, hehe.. :)

  3. This sounds like a great place to have a cup of coffee and a little snack. Thank you for writing about it :)

  4. All the photos on your blog post looks so yummy especially the port cutlet... I actually started laughing when I read about David eating the chilli must have been really spicy for him. Hope he has recovered.

  5. Is that purple rice? The effort they have gone to to make the food look good is fantastic! Obviously I can't comment on taste but the look of it is amazing! Everytime you write a post lately I have had the urge to turn up on your doorstep and move myself in! X

  6. Hmmm I love katsu! I think i'd definitely order that if I visited! x

  7. This place looks so nice. I loved that spoon like dish for the soup! how cute!


  8. I always find it so interesting to try European food (like pasta) in Korean restaurants because they put their own spin on it and always get served with pickles and other side dishes. I learned the hard way to not trust those pickled peppers, though, too!
    Also, the combination of cafe and some lunch options like this are perfect for studying, like you say! :)


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