Daiso's Spring 07Z0 Range

First, how beautiful does the packaging look on these products? I walked into my local Daiso and saw these on display. I HAD to get them. Just because they were so cheap and they looked so pretty. Daiso make up is pretty cheap, so the lip tints were 2000 won (£1.30) and the palettes were 5000 won (£3.50). 

Here's a close up of the three lip tints that were on offer, from the left is soft rose, sweet apricot and bloom pink. 

Not only was the packaging cute, the lip tint tubes itself were cute! I absolutely love the design and they make my make up area so pretty. From the top, soft rose, bloom pink and sweet apricot. Sorry it wasn't in order, I wasn't thinking! 

What I didn't realise was that the tints were matt when dried. From the left, soft rose, bloom pink and sweet apricot. I don't know about you but the sweet apricot isn't what I expected for being "apricot". 
I tried all three of these on different days. I love the way they went on my lips, however once they dried, they cracked and make my lips look super dry and flakey. The tints don't last very long either so a lot of reapplying was done throughout the day. Yikes, but what do you expect for cheap lip tints? 

Here are the shadow and blush palettes. My previous Diaso makeup review is here! I'm glad that they spelled palette correctly this time. Again with the packaging, look how pretty!  The purple is the apricot blossom and the right is cherry blossom. 

To start, here's the apricot blossom palette plus swatch. The right is the blush. Okay so, I was impressed for being super cheap make up. I mean they aren't exactly pigmented, but with my eyes and skin colour, they're not too bad. I'm not going bother naming each of the shades. 

Here's the cherry blossom and if you ask me the colours are similar to the apricot blossom palette, but a little lighter. 
The problem with these palettes is that they leave a lot of residue behind after using. I don't know the exact name for this, fall out? 

So overall, for being super cheap, the make up isn't bad and could be great for teens and those who are on a budget! 

What do you think? Would you try these? 



  1. Ooh I love the packaging of the lip tint tubes, it’s so pretty! I don’t think any of the products are my style unfortunately, but I’d be tempted to buy a lip tint just for the packaging!

  2. The packaging is definitely pretty but I find lip tints that look cracked in a few hours quite unappealing.

  3. As soon as this page loaded I was excited about the packaging then that was the first thing you said 😂 . They're so affordable too! I don't think they're quite my style but they'd look amazing on my dressing table x


  4. The packaging looks so adorable, I love a floral print. The sweet apricot looks so cute, I am grad that they're affordable, I need to try it ♥

  5. The packaging for these look super cute and they seem like a great present to give a teen or a friend. How unfortunate that they leave a residue behind as their colours do look pretty


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