Peripera Airy Tint

Check out this amazing Peripera lip tint! I got this as a gift and I absolutely LOVE this lip tint. It's my favourite and I have been using it for about three months. Have you heard of this brand before? They also do a lot of other products too, like highlighters. Also there are a range of colours to choose from. Their lip tints come in various forms, so this is a thicker "velvety" tint, but you can also get "water" tints too. Personally, I am not a fan of water tints, as they make my lips super dry and cracked. 

To start, this bottle is absolutely adorable. It looks like an ink bottle and super cute. I find a lot of lip tints drying in Korea. For some reason, they always make my lips "flake". This one was not drying at all, and was pretty good. I did a little swatch on my hand to show the colour. It's more vibrant on my hand than on my lips. 

I am not a fan of my lip photos! This was the best I could do. I do have a bit of dry lips due to my medication. It feels super light when putting on, almost "velvety" as the product says. I did have to reapply later in the day, as it doesn't have a full day of staying power. The colour isn't super bright, and it's just the right tone. I'm not a fan of bright lip tints, but this one was spot on. I absolutely LOVE this tiny! 

I can't write in words how much I love this product. I'm almost done with the bottle, and need to buy another one. I might buy a few other colours, but this one was perfect for me!

If you want to try this brand, check out the amazon link here

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  1. The colour looks so cheery and great! I enjoyed reading your small review :)

  2. I love it when people share reviews of products they have been using for a long time because then the opinions are tested over a period of time and are more fully formed. I would love to try this brand since it comes so highly recommended.

  3. ooh I just love the bottle too! I also find that lip tints make my lips dry too... damn skin!! Lovely colour though :) x

  4. It's a shame that you're not affiliated with Amazon, 'cause you've given this tint a sparkling review! The colour really does suit you and is perfect for daily use as it's not too out there! It's really pretty. You mentioned medication, I hope there's nothing serious wrong with you honey! Sending love. <3

  5. Definitely buying it when I see it! I really like the bottle and the color is so cute! Great review xx

  6. That color is so pretty! I like that they have chosen a bottle that looks like glue (to me) :D!

  7. The lip tint looks great! I cant help but notice you have such cute teeth!!! Xx

  8. I love the Peripera lip tint on your lips as it looks beautiful! Its wonderful when you find a good product and plan to get another one soon. I am just like that if I find a favourite product that I like, I just stock up on it.

    Yeah Lifestyle

  9. Kelly i love it ! (At mums hiding in the loo to look at some blogs as its rude to be on your phone in company 😂). It really suits you i love korean stuff it's just so expensive in the UK to buy as much as I really want.

  10. I had a sample of the very first edition of these PeriPera tints and those were super drying, but I've only heard good things about the Velvet ones! The color looks gorgeous and I'd love to see more swatches if you decide to buy more shades! I can't decide which one to buy haha...


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