UNPA Bubi Bubi Face

I found Bubi Face in Olive Young! I saw this product advertised on Facebook, and needed to get it. This is the sister product to Bubilip which I reviewed here. I'm a sucker for gimmicks and things which look out of the ordinary. I love the packaging of the product. It comes in a simple yellow box, with white writing. The bottle itself is a pump bottle which isn't ideal as there is always product left at the bottom, with no way of getting out. 
Bubiface is a mild and gentle face exfoliator. When you spread it on your face, the oxygen in the air makes it foam on your face. 

There's a slight fruity scent to this exfoliator, and it is super easy to spread on your face. The only problem that I found, was that it takes a lot of pumps for full coverage. If you rub it in too much, the gel doesn't foam up! 

How to use 
1. Apply a few pumps onto your fingers and spread it over your face. 
2. Wait 5 minutes until the bubbles have formed. 
3. Rub the foam into your face 
4. Rinse 

Once the bubbles have formed, rub it into your face and you'll see the skin come off! It's a bit disgusting, I'm not sure if it's dead skin, or if it's just the product. However, after I used this a few times, my face was baby smooth. I really like this exfoliator, and it had a nice, tingly feeling when the bubbles were forming. It doesn't last very long though, as you have to use so much of it. 

Have you tried anything like this? This product is one of the reasons why I love living in Korea!



  1. Ooh the packaging is so bright and pretty! I’d love to try this!

  2. Seeing the skin must be so strange... yet satisfying 😂

  3. Ooh baby smooth face... I wish I could get my hands on this.

  4. Koreans are so good when it comes to producing great make-up and skin care. I guess its a good product as it helped remove your dead skin?

  5. I have never tried similar product but I definitely would if I'd find one here. Sounds interesting and effective!

  6. I love gimmicks too! That bottle colour is so nice! I reckon this exfoliator might be a bit harsh for my skin but I'd deffo give it a go x


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